• How many students are there in a class?
    Each class would have an average of 30 students.
  • What is the age CRITERIA for admission?
    Montessori programme: 3-6 YEARS
    Nursery: 2.8Yrs - 3.2Yrs
    KG1: 3.8Yrs - 4.2Yrs
    KG2: 4.8Yrs - 5.2Yrs
    (Applicable as on 1st JUNE)
  • What are the fees and when are they payable?
    The fee structure will be communicated to the parents at the time of admission.
  • How are the fees to be paid?
    Fees have to be paid by Demand Draft. DD has to be drawn in favour of "National Public School, Chikkabanavara.
  • What is the timing of the school?
    8.10 am to 12.30 pm for Montessori and Kindergarten and 8:10am to 3.30pm for the rest of the school. The lunch break will last for 30 minutes and in addition there would
    be a short break in the morning.
  • What is the academic calendar?
    The academic calendar is from June to May.
  • Are text books and notebooks provided by the school?
    The school will facilitate for study materials, text books, notebooks, etc for the students to avoid hardships for the parents to locate and procure books. Books will be
    available in the school.
  • When will we get the books?
    Books will be issued before the school commences. In case of delay in the consignment of some books, the same will be issued to the students after the school begins.
  • What are the timings for Co-Scholastic and Extra Curricular Activities?
    Co-Scholastic Activities are included in the daily time table. The Extra Curricular Activities would be conducted after school hours and on Saturdays.
  • When can we visit the campus?
    The Campus tour of NPS Chikkabanavara for the parents will be allowed at the time of Parents orientation, dates will be mentioned on the school notice board and website.
  • What are the vacation schedules?
    April & May is the summer break, School commence in June Dasara vacations in Sep/Oct and winter vacations in December. The actual number of holidays for the
    academic year will be mentioned in the School Almanac.
  • Where will we get uniforms & shoes ?
    For Uniforms - Contact Smart Uniforms: 9538831666
  • What are the timings of the School ?
    Montessori Programme- 8.20 am – 12.30 pm
    Play group- Monday-Friday-9am-11am
    Nursery - KG II Monday - Friday - 8:10am - 12:30pm (Saturdays Holiday)
    Grade 1 - Grade 10 - Monday - Friday - 8:10 am - 3:10 pm
    Grade 1 - Grade 5 - Saturdays Holiday
    Grade 6 - Grade 1- 2nd and 3rd Saturdays Holiday
  • Are there any school bus transport facilities?
    Yes, School Transport is available. Please Contact 'Mr.Santhosh' on - 9844876628
  • What type of shoes have to be bought for my child ?
    Adidas Shoes : Black for Boys and Girls:- ( Play-group to 5th Grade.)
    No white shoes for pre-primary